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Jamal Moir
• Nov 1, 2022
Marketing Reflections: Indie Hackers
Tweet Tribe’s MVP has evolved a lot since I first released it, thanks to my users.It’s stable, the UI/UX has improved massively, and there are more useful featu...
Jamal Moir
• Oct 8, 2022
How I Released Tweet Tribe's MVP
Tweet Tribe's MVP has been built, deployed, and is ready for users.Before and during building Tweet Tribe, I looked for potential users on Twitter and got as ma...
Jamal Moir
• Oct 4, 2022
How I Built Tweet Tribe's MVP
After struggling to grow my Twitter following, I decided to think why.It was obvious; I was not consistent enough, but why was I not? Again, easy.I’m not consis...
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