• Nov 30, 2022
Bestlist.com Chrome Extension
We've been working on a Chrome extension for Bestlist.com that allows you to add/save websites to your Collections as you browse the internet. It's really been...
Get 30% off on Founders' Book
Hello Makers 👋🏻It’s deal time!Get 30% on Founders’ Book. Use code “THIRTY” at checkout to claim the offer. Deal available until 30th November.Get Founders’ Book...
Turn your idea into a mobile app using no-code tools 🚀
Hello 👋🏻An actionable task list to turn your idea into a mobile app using No-Code tools is now live on PH 😻What's Inside?📈 20+ steps across 5+ phases and 10+ ca...
Product Management Tool Stack is now live on Product Hunt 😻
Hello 👋🏻Product Management involves multiple components and taking the right decisions while building a world-class product. Some of them include but are not li...
Jamal Moir
• Nov 1, 2022
Marketing Reflections: Indie Hackers
Tweet Tribe’s MVP has evolved a lot since I first released it, thanks to my users.It’s stable, the UI/UX has improved massively, and there are more useful featu...
Product Management + Mental Models Templates
Hello there 👋🏻Product Stuff is now live on Founders’ Book - Simple and easy-to-use PM templates and mental models (tools for better & systems thinking) for...
Writings' use cases
Let's have a look at the use cases for which you can use Writings.Creative WritingYou want to write, you don't want to publish or share. You do it for your own...
CP Lepage
• Oct 12, 2022
What is FullStacked and were I'm at
As a web developer, I started FullStacked because I was tired of starting new projects with old unmaintained project starters and always rewriting dozen of redu...
SaaS metrics + Calculator is now live!
Hello there 👋🏻SaaS Growth Metrics + Calculator is now live. Yay!What’s Inside?🚀 Metrics founders need to know - 50+ metrics you need to know that are typic...
Jamal Moir
• Oct 8, 2022
How I Released Tweet Tribe's MVP
Tweet Tribe's MVP has been built, deployed, and is ready for users.Before and during building Tweet Tribe, I looked for potential users on Twitter and got as ma...
• Oct 8, 2022
is how high you hop when you hit bottom. - George S. Patton
• Oct 6, 2022
Find more customers with Freight Punch CRM
Freight Punch is a CRM specifically built to help freight brokers find new business, generate leads, convert customers, and manage those relationships. It's fre...
Why image processing is the worst use case you want to deal with
Well, I won’t try to convince you that the title is the truth. But maybe I should start with a short story on how I got involved in solving an image-processing...
Jamal Moir
• Oct 4, 2022
How I Built Tweet Tribe's MVP
After struggling to grow my Twitter following, I decided to think why.It was obvious; I was not consistent enough, but why was I not? Again, easy.I’m not consis...
• Oct 3, 2022
Landing page vs. just start building?
Once you’ve found the problem you want to solve, which one do you think is best?create an awesome landing page and throw all your energy into finding potential...
• Oct 1, 2022
The Hardest Part of Being a Startup Founder...
The hardest part of being a startup founder isn't coming up with a great idea, building your MVP, or gathering an amazing team. That's the fun stuff!I think the...
Kris Ruby
• Sep 30, 2022
Hi! I am Kris!
Hello!I am Kris Ruby- Founder of Ruby Media Group, an award-winning Public Relations firm focused on thought leadership marketing for Founders. I help SaaS Foun...
• Sep 30, 2022
Write A Startup Diary
Building a product—or an entire company—is a journey. Having lived through the journey of a tiny fledgling startup to a company that’s now in the 7-figure ARR r...
testing this post
Why this is a post and im testing it
• Sep 30, 2022
Cool community
• Sep 30, 2022
🎯 Validate product-market fit
Hello Makers!You’ve got a B2B startup that solves a problem. Fantastic! Now you need to scale 🏒 adoption.You may have heard of tools like Apollo.io/Outreach/Sal...
Graham Seymour
• Sep 29, 2022
Elated to join the Make community!
Hello, Make-world!At Motil, we’re building a mobile-first all-in-one platform for solopreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and creators to supercharge...
• Sep 29, 2022
this a post ?
whoa !So is this big & audacious ? const updateNewFileOptionSheet = () => { return ( <CustomBottomSheet visible...
Bitcoin Kid
• Sep 29, 2022
Hello World…!!
hello world
Hello everyone!
Ryan Freeze
• Sep 29, 2022
Hey Makers!
Share all of your making and previously made things!
• Sep 23, 2022
How we tell if our customers really love us
One of those beautiful moments in business is when you find a customer that adores your product and wants to share it with the world. That sweet sweet feeling o...
David Gutierrez
• Aug 17, 2022
First post on Make
Hello world Hello 🇺🇸Hola 🇪🇸Hei 🇳🇴Ciao 🇮🇹console.log("cool")A list…Item oneItem twoA quote..Keep pushingThis all works! 3×3
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