Freight Punch CRM
• 2 months ago
Hey! I'm Reid, Founder at Freight Punch CRM! Freight Punch is a CRM specifically built to help freight brokers find new business, generate leads, convert customers, and manage those relationships. In early 2022, I started building Freight Punch as a freight broker -someone who develops relationships with shippers and carriers who can move freight. There are many vendors involved when getting started, but few focus on helping you build your business and find customers. That's where we come in. It's a tool that works well for me and a few brokers who have already started using it daily. (It'll probably even work for you!) It's free to manage up to 300 leads and customers - Help us with our roadmap and help us make the most useful CRM and lead generation platform for your business today!
• 2 months ago
Welcome to Make, and hello from Atlanta. 👋
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