High accuracy.
Extreme simplicity.
Make Analytics is the most accurate and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative.
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Better analytics without compromising
Make Analytics was built from the ground-up to respect visitor privacy without losing the essential information that helps businesses optimize their performances.
Simple dashboard
Make Analytics cuts through the noise and shows you only the essential information about your users without spying on them. No complicated dashboard, no need for custom reports or special filters to remove bots.
We don't store any information that can identify your visitors. If any three letter agency were to ask about who your visitors are, we wouldn't be able to tell. No more annoying cookie-banners or long privacy-policies.
More accuracy
Did you know 46% of users worldwide use ad blockers? No worries though. We have developed a feature to bypass ad-blockers so you can see all your visitors, not just half.
European analytics
We don't store any personally identifiable information and store all european traffic data inside the European Union. You can safely use Make Analytics with your european customers.
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